Things To Do In Tybee Island WaterSports

Taking a family vacation and attempting to find something for everyone to do can become a challenging task. Fortunately, there are plenty of things to do in Tybee Island, and to help ease the tension, we’ve complied a list of 5 great water activities that should keep everyone entertained and get your heart pumping.

Things To Do In Tybee Island

Things To Do In Tybee Island Jet Skiing1) Jet Skiing: Escalate your fun by racing through the water at close to 50 mph and jumping some waves, that’s what awaits you when you Jet Ski around Tybee Island.  Jet Skiing on Tybee offers you the opportunity to spend your day cruising the island waterways, getting up-close and personal with Tybee’s marine life or flying through the ocean waves. Many times the playful bottlenose dolphins around Tybee will pay you a visit as you cruise the waters. If you’re interested in renting a Jet Ski visit Tybee Island Jet Ski and Watersports.




Things To Do In Tybee Island Kiteboarding2) Kiteboarding: Looking for an exciting and thrilling water sport to get your heart racing? Kiteboarding is easy enough that almost anyone can learn the sport!  Kiteboarding also called kitesurfing is where the pilot uses the power of the wind along with a large power kite and is propelled across the water on a board much like a wakeboard or a small surfboard. This sport is a combination of wakeboarding, skateboarding, kite flying, windsurfing and snowboarding all rolled into one. Tybee Island provides some of the best kiteboarding conditions available making it an excellent spot to learn to kiteboard. If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, try the hottest new sport to hit the water.



Things To Do In Tybee Island Kayaking3) Kayaking: Kayaking is a sport the can be slow and lazy or fast paced and filled with excitement. The Kayak is a type of small boat where the kayaker faces forward, legs in front, and manually propels themselves using a double-bladed paddle. Most traditional kayaks have a covered deck, although the “sit-on-top” kayak is growing in popularity, which is great for use in the ocean and over waves. Tybee offers kayakers a variety of choices for enjoying the sport. You can select a slow relaxing ride along Tybee Creek or in the Savannah or Wilmington Rivers or a fast paced adventure in the waves of the Atlantic.



Things To Do In Tybee Island Stand up Paddleboarding4) Standup Paddle Boarding (SUP): Standup paddle boarding may be the quickest growing sport right now. SUP started in the 60s when surf instructors utilized the strategy to position themselves for taking pictures. Recently, expert surfers are using this method for training. You don’t have to be an excellent surfer to become involved because the boards are wide and long making them secure to stand on easily. There is a single paddle with an extended shaft so you merely stand on the board and paddle to propel across the water. This is often a fun adventure in both the ocean surf or on smooth, calm water.



Things To Do In Tybee Island Surfing5) Surfing: Surfing is simply a water sport in which the surfer rides on the face of a wave which will usually carry the surfer towards the shore. Learning to surf could be a frustrating experience. Just attempting to balance on the board lying down could be a difficult task but as soon as you get the hang of it surfing will turn out to be one of the most gratifying things you’ve ever accomplished. The best spot for surfing on Tybee can be found on the south end of the island near the pier. Although the waves on Tybee may not be as impressive as those in Australia, California or Hawaii, a good time can found when riding the islands surf. For more information on Tybee Island surfing visit High Tide Surf Shop.



These are some of the water sports the whole family can enjoy when visiting Tybee. If you’re looking for other activities on the island see our 20 Things To Do on Tybee Island write-up or when it’s time to refuel at the end of the day use our restaurants guide to select a fantastic Tybee Island restaurant.



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