Tybee Island Restaurants Guide

Tybee Island Restaurants Shrimp DinnerIt doesn’t matter if you’re just looking for a cup of coffee or a complete seafood dinner, the Tybee Island restaurants guide can help you find what you are looking for on the Island. From Breakfast to Dinner or maybe something for your sweet tooth if it’s on Tybee you’ll find it here.

If there is one thing Tybee has, it’s plenty of food. Regardless of what you’re hungry for (American, BBQ Caribbean, Fast Food, Mexican or Seafood), you never have to leave the island to find great food to conquer your appetite. With the many restaurants available, you can definitely find one that suits your mood. Looking to dine outside, on the beach or just stay indoors with a nice atmosphere, it’s here on Tybee.

The following table is a list of all (39) restaurants currently on the Island. This list covers everything including Coffee Shops, Fast Food, Bar & Grills and Typical Family Restaurants. The table has been broken down into columns of what most people generally look for when choosing a restaurant. The rating column is based on research performed on visitor reviews for each specific restaurant and does not reflect our views.

In order to make it easier to find a restaurant the table is listed in alphabetically order. The prices listed are the approximate price range for that restaurant but can vary from time to time. When available, we have included a link for the restaurants menu and a link to their website so you can check for specials and other specific information about the establishment. Many of the restaurants are included in our business directory if you need directions.

Looking for a great seafood meal? See our post on the Best Seafood Restaurants on Tybee Island!

Tybee Island Restaurants

Latest Update: 10/18/2014

Attention: The internal data of table “2” is corrupted!

If you’ve eaten at one of these restaurants please leave a comment and help others out and if you find this restaurant guide useful please share it with others.



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  1. This is a laid back Tybee Place. I ate at Geralds when he had his first place in Downtown Savannah. Since he opened on Tybee I stop in when ever I am in the neighborhood.

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