Tybee Island Tips and Rules

Tybee Island TipsTybee Island is a fantastic place, great weather, clean beaches and many award winning restaurants. Tybee is a place for many to escape the hassles of everyday life and kick-back, relax and enjoy some family or even alone time. The island is a home away from home for many, allowing them to enjoy a simpler life. Whether you want to sit back on the beach, fish, hunt for shells or just enjoy nature; you can have it on Tybee. These are just a few of the reasons why Tybee Island has become such a popular vacation destination for many travelers. In order to keep Tybee a destination people want to return to, there are a few rules that are enforced, and everyone visiting or living on Tybee needs to be aware of and follow.


Tybee Island Tips and Suggestions

1. When visiting any Tybee beach; no breakable containers, glass, litter or pets are permitted. Also disturbing the dune areas is prohibited.

2. Dispose of trash properly. If you litter on the beach or streets you risk being fined.

3. Be cautious of rip currents. If you happen to get caught in a current, don’t fight it. Instead, first swim away from the beach, and then swim parallel to the beach until you’re free from the current. Be safe, never swim alone.

4. Cups to Go. Tybee does permit alcohol outdoors. However, no glass containers (beverages must be in plastic or cans). Stay Safe and Enjoy.

5. Be cautious of the sandbar on the South end of the island. It may look like fun to venture out on but, quick rising tides present the risk of drowning.

6. Tybee Island does NOT have free parking. Tybee enforces parking fees 365 days a year between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. These fees are used to fund services on the island. If you park and there isn’t a meter, find a Pay and Display station, buy some time and place the receipt on a visible area of your dash. If you’re staying on the island, you can always choose to leave your vehicle on your property and walk, bike or take a cab to your destination.

Tybee Island Ga7. Tybee is pet friendly. If fact, Tybee has two dog parks which are open from dawn until dusk daily (limit two dogs per person), however you need to follow the pet rules:

  • Dogs are not permitted on the beach, minimum fine is $299.
  • Pets can not be loud (barking, howling or otherwise disturbing the peace), minimum fine $222.
  • Dogs can not be left unattended outdoors at anytime.
  • Please, clean up after your dog.

Tybee Island Beach Rules

1. The Swimming area only extends 50 yards past the water’s edge, swimming beyond this point is prohibited.

2. Littering is prohibited. This includes: cans, bottles, food, trash, paper, fruit peelings or cigarette butts.

3. No glass or breakable containers are permitted on the beach.

4. Pets are not permitted on the beaches.  This does not apply to properly certified guide dogs, or animals assisting physically handicapped, blind or deaf persons. Fines for the first offense is a minimum of $200.00 + court fees, and for subsequent offenses a minimum of $400.00 + court fees.

5. Motorized vehicles are prohibited on the beach. This includes: ATV’s (all-terrain-vehicles), motorcycles, cars or trucks. This does not include  emergency, utility or maintenance vehicles.

6. Motorized watercraft (boats, Jet Ski’s or any similar watercraft) can not be operated within 1,000 ft of the waterline. This pertains to any section of the beach in-between the south and north rock jetties.

7. Fires are prohibited on the beach

8. Disturbing vegetation on dunes or walking in the dunes is prohibited.

9. Surfboarding and fishing is permitted ONLY in designated areas.

10. It is unlawful to deliberately disobey a reasonable command from a lifeguard.

11. Disorderly conduct is prohibited.

12. Nudity is prohibited on beaches.

13. Beer kegs are prohibited on beaches.

Violation of these rules can result in fines (up to $1,000.00) or imprisonment (up to six months) and community service (up to 60 days).

Tybee Island Miscellaneous Rules

1. Camping or sleeping in the (streets, parking lots, parks) or on the beaches or other public areas is prohibited. Violators can be charged with a misdemeanor offense and fined.

2. Fishing for sharks from the beaches, docks or piers (of the city) is prohibited. Violators can be fined up to $300.00 and/or be imprisoned for a maximum of six months and/or perform community service for a maximum of 60 days.

3. Jumping or diving from any pier or public structure is prohibited.

4. Walking or climbing on the (rocks, jetties, or other manmade structures) which are properly marked is prohibited.

Following these simple Tybee Island tips and rules will help to insure you have an enjoyable and memorable time on Tybee.


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