Tybee Island Weather

A pleasent climate can be expected by visitors to Tybee Island, Georgia, making any time a great time for a trip to the beach with friends and family. Plenty of sun and mild temperatures can be found during the fall and winter seasons, spring and summer is warm but the Atlantic Ocean brings cool, refreshing breezes. The weather in January and February can be somewhat chilly, but you’ll find days of warm weather in between; during these months plan to pack not only your shorts, but jeans and a jacket as well.

Tybee Island Weather Facts

    • July is usually the warmest month.
    • January is usually the coldest month.
    • The record high was set in 1986, 107°F.
    • The record low was set in 1985, 4°F.
    • August normally produces the most precipitation on average.


Tybee Island Forecast

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Tybee Island Averages

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