Unusual Pink Sand in Tybee Island Georgia

BeachActually, once a year there is more than Unusual Pink Sand in Tybee Island Georgia, the sands on Tybee Beach seem to turn an array of colors. What I’m talking about is the event that happens once a year known as Orange Crush. It usually occurs each April when massive crowds swarm the quite little island of Tybee Island for a day long party event. The reason the sands turn the variety of colors is due to the garbage that’s left behind when the event is over.

The one day event termed “Orange Crush” began over a decade ago. It was started as an end of year celebration for students of Savannah State, and those in attendance covered the island orange, a school color.

In the beginning it was a school sanctioned party, but over the years has taken on a life of its own. The event has no official organizers or promoters but is publicized by word of mouth. Attendees pour in from miles around to cruise the strip and party on the beach.

Now, having a good time is not a problem, it is the aftermath that concerns citizens. After the day long event the beaches and roads are littered with trash. A quick stroll along the beach will reveal coolers, tents, blankets, bottles, cans and numerous other items needing to be cleaned up. The cost for the cleanup can be thousands of dollars, and may take workers and volunteer’s days to complete.


Yes, if you make a trip to the island, once a year you may find Unusual Pink Sand in Tybee Island Georgia.


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